If you make stuff for the web,
Marquee makes your life better.

Say goodbye to the quirks, workarounds,
and bad blood you have for your CMS.

Marquee is a full-stack publishing platform that's designed from the ground up to help everyone, from editors to designers and developers, come together to make great content for the web. What's your story?

I push words

At the heart of Marquee is an easy to use authoring tool that’s perfect for telling stories. A friendly interface makes it simple to craft content, and a powerful publishing framework helps you publish to your audience everywhere.

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We provide a flexible platform that treats content as data, making it easy to deliver content-focused applications that are fast and reliable.

Much of it is open and we love hacks. Every account comes with an API key giving you access to all your underlying data.

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From small tweaks to sweeping architectural changes, creating beautiful web experiences has never been nicer. Our semantic styles work great with modern tools like Sass and CoffeeScript to give you full control over your design.

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Born from agency roots, we know how important it is to put together high quality content quickly and on budget. Our system allows you to easily tie together all parts of a campaign, making it a snap to work across multiple teams and projects.

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Publish like a pro

Marquee is built to quickly scale to meet your needs. Our platform is perfect for individuals, projects, or organizations who want to deliver the best content to their audience.


Collect all your stories in Marquee and serve them up at your own domain, or pick a you.marquee.by address.


Whether it’s an ebook, in-depth article, magazine, or something completely original, Marquee will make sure your content always looks its best.


Build fully customized applications tailored to your workflow and brand on top of our advanced, best-in-class platform.

Great content is made with Marquee

Let's Work Together

From individual writers to large-scale media outlets,
we can provide tailored solutions to meet all your publishing needs.

Personal Accounts by invitation only

  • Full access to the Marquee platform
  • Unlimited stories
  • Fully responsive index and story layouts
  • Use your own domain

Custom Development Contact Us for Pricing

Work directly with the team behind Marquee to design and develop a beautiful custom website that takes full advantage of our advanced publishing platform.

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Private Licensing Contact Us for Pricing

Marquee is available as a set of virtual machines for installation into your private network. If you're building in-house editorial and workflow tools, you can take advantage of our adavanced content API, intuitive interface, and personal support.

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